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From standards-compliant web development to our own suite of custom-built software tools, RainStorm provides a select set of focused, long-term results-oriented web services to clients of all sizes.

Web Development

Bulletproof, standards-compliant websites


Web-based software for site management


Marketing and measuring for success

A Website You're Proud to Promote

It's everywhere, and its affecting organizations of all sizes: The Curse of the Generic Template Website is tempting in an age of limited budgets and reduced staff.

Even so, more and more organizations are beginning to understand that a website is about much more than obligation: It's about making a powerful statement to support your organization's mission, about being strongest in the place where most of your customers live, and about making sure that your limited resources are used to help grow your organization's visibility and reach.

At RainStorm, we're a team of experts with 11+ years experience in helping these bold and forward-thinking organizations to plan, create, and promote beautiful, customized, and powerful websites that create fans, growth, and hope for the future.

How We Get You There

How a web development firm approaches your project is the first question you should ask of any potential partner. Here's our approach to producing award-winning, record-breaking results.

Discovery & Planning

A successful website is born in the planning stages, where we listen to your needs, identify goals, and outline the scope of the website and the project.

In this step:
Meetings to establish goals & governance • Sitemap development • Paper storyboards

Custom Design

Each project we undertake features a customized design created to meet the exact needs of your organization and your audience.

In this step:
Developing custom designs • Refining & revising until you're happy • Producing well-formed Photoshop documents

Web Development

Our bulletproof, cross-platform development process ensures your site will work great for all users, across many platforms.

In this step:
Creating standards-compliant HTML5/CSS • Testing on all modern browsers • Editing & adding copy

SEO & Marketing

We started as an SEO firm in 1999, and continue to be at the forefront of ethical, buzzword-free search optimization and online marketing practices.

In this step:
Google AdWords research & management • Facebook & Twitter consulting & management & Email campaign design & management

Support & Maintenance

The launch of your site is just the beginning - our ongoing support, maintenance, and consulting services are the heart of our long-term working relationship.

In this step:
Ongoing site consulting • Updates & revisions • Unlimited, personalized support


The Details

Beyond the core process we've refined over time, each project we undertake also includes the following details, often overlooked by other firms.

50-point checklist

Your site won't go live until we have ensured it meets our own final pre-launch checklist with more than 50 key details. This is our promise to you that we are putting the utmost care into your project down to the finest detail, and the we care as much as you do about how your customers and fans perceive you.

Section 508/Accessibility

Accessibility - a "want" for many, but a must-have for educational organizations - is never an afterthought in our process. We've built all our projects with native accessibility features and Section 508 compliance for more than 5 years running, ensuring that your project doesn't just look great but serves all audiences equally.

Understanding Your Traffic

Understanding your website's performance is no longer optional - it's an essential component in ensuring your website budget is spent wisely. At RainStorm, we're a partner who understands and can help you optimize your website stats and reporting using Google Analytics, the industry's leading tool for tracking your website traffic and trends.

MAEA Award winning website

SiteTurbine makes it easy for 75 Maine adult education programs to manage their websites.

Make the Most of Your Website

SiteTurbine is web-based software for managing your website and organization. Keep your site fresh, promote your courses, or give your faculty a personal web page, all from within a secure, web-based administration area.

Designed by RainStorm Consulting from the ground-up specifically for educational and non-profit organizations, SiteTurbine is easy for non-technical staff to learn and use, yet powerful enough to keep major university departments and statewide educational networks running smoothly and beautifully.

Read on to learn about how SiteTurbine can help you manage your organization, find out why web-based software will make your job easier, and then contact us to arrange a call. We'd be happy to answer your questions and show you exactly how a website powered by SiteTurbine can help your organization meet its goals.

Why Web-Based Software?

  • Nothing to download or install - you only need the web browser that you already have.
  • Access from anywhere you're online, including in the office, in a café, or at home with your laptop on the couch.
  • Updates happen automatically in the background - no more worrying about versions, upgrading, or waiting months for fixes or updates.
  • Unlimited support is included with your subscription.

What Do Your Visitors Want to Do?

SiteTurbine can help you promote your courses, news, faculty, and more. Choose one or all the modules to make the most of your site.

Promote your courses and accept online registrations
Publish news to your site & social networks in one step
Display staff photos & bios
Easily keep your website content fresh - no tech skills needed
A vibrant, easy-to-manage faculty directory on your site
Collect & manage visitor feedback
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Who's using SiteTurbine

University of Maine Ohio State Medical Center Maine Adult Education Association
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Town of Orono Maine CTE Choice Literacy Workshops
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A truly successful website requires more than just a financial investment. Ensuring long-term success also requires careful review, adjustment and ongoing attention.

Our consulting practice goes beyond the launch of your site and focuses on the long-term success and measurable results to impact your recruits, sales and goals.

The centerpiece of our consulting practice is twice-yearly account & website review. This includes progress reports, meetings and follow-up action plans. Our consulting practice is comprised of 3 key steps:

Gather Data

Advanced metrics

Our expertise in the industry-leading web metrics tool, Google Analytics, ensures that you can take advantage of the most advanced data gathering and analysis. From automatic reports to ongoing support and analysis, we'll make sure you have the power to make the most of your data.

Search engine ranking reports

With advanced tools we can show you exactly where your site is ranking in the search engines and compare that to your competitors. With an in-depth look at your ranks we can determine holes in your ranking strategy and areas for improvement. These reports become an important baseline to quantify your site's improvement over time.

Be Proactive

Comprehensive web strategy report

From our examination of the data we will prepare a comprehensive report of your site's strengths and recommendations for improvement. This report maps out a path for your sites success and is will be the basis for our ongoing improvements.

Ongoing monitoring

Through our automated reporting, we will continue to monitor your site key performance indicators to ensure it's optimally tuned. With continual enhancements over time we will keep your site working for the long haul.

Earn Results

Account review meetings

At our twice-yearly account review meetings, we'll recommend established as well as emerging technologies which are impacting your industry. Moreover, we'll provide detailed advice on how to (or how not to) integrate these technologies into your web strategy.

Follow-up reporting

We measure our success using in-depth data including website statistics, advertising reports, sales and recruits. We present this data to you on-demand, or as part of our twice-yearly web strategy report.